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Prof. Dr. Utz Claassen


Liability for content

The contents of this website are created with the greatest care. However, we assume no responsibility for the completeness of the content, its up-to-dateness, or its accuracy. The information provided on this website is non-binding and exclusively provided for information purposes only. This should only be seen as providing information, and not representing any offers/bids or medical advice/consultation in the sense of the applicable statutory provisions. The information provided on this website cannot be used to establish any contractual relationship of any form whatsoever with respect to the presented products and services and their properties.

The contents of this website, as well as the information regarding the products described, can be modified or updated by us at any time without any prior warning. Insofar as not explicitly declared otherwise, the website of Utz Claassen contains no guarantees or details of properties for which Utz Claassen is liable, neither explicitly nor implicitly, nor with respect to the up-to-dateness, accuracy, completeness or quality of the content.

Utz Claassen accepts no liability with respect to its website. Liability is excluded for any indirect or direct damage, claims for damages, subsequent damages, of whatever nature and on the basis of whatever legislation, arising from access or use of the website, in particular also from being infected by computer viruses.

The medical images used on this website, visualising bones and joints in particular, are schematic diagrams, and purely used as illustrations to improve understanding of the subject, and primarily aimed at people who are not experts in this field. They therefore do not in every case reflect the true human anatomy.

Utz Claassen as the provider of the service is not subject to any obligation to monitor external information which is transferred or stored, or to look for evidence or investigate circumstances which indicate the illegality of actions and information.

An obligation on our part to block the use of content within the framework of general legislation remains unaffected hereby. However, this liability shall only be considered when a report is submitted on a specific infringement. In the event that we become aware of an infringement, we shall immediately remove the relevant content.